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To question the divine origin of the canada goose outlet

Straight talk about Islam in the Los Angeles Times Why Evolution Is True

buy canada goose jacket Times. The refreshing bit is that it doesn pull any punches about the nature of Islam. The canada goose outlet store calgary worrisome bit is also that it doesn pull any punches about canada goose parka outlet the nature of Islam. buy canada goose jacket

cheap canada goose uk At any rate, Hami singles out two aspects of Islam that, he says, make it qualitatively different from other religions. We familiar with both of these, but it unusual to see them expressed so openly and their implications for acculturation of Muslims into Western societies made so plain. cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose online The first is the literalism of the Qur still widely accepted among Muslims: Canada Goose online

canada goose coats Contrary to what many think, there is no Christian equivalent to Koranic canada goose outlet eu “inerrancy,” even among far right evangelicals. Muslims believe the Koran is not only God’s word, but God’s actual speech in other words, every single letter canada goose sale uk and word in the Koran comes directly from God. canada goose outlet sale This seemingly semantic difference has profound implications. If the Koran canada goose outlet in new york is God’s speech, and God is unchanging and perfect, then so is his speech. To question the divine origin of the canada goose outlet england Koran, then, is to question God himself, and God is not easily put in a box, well away from the public sphere. canada goose coats

Canada Goose sale This fundamentalism is worrisome, as it seems, at least now, recalcitrant to change. If you read canada goose outlet toronto address Ayaan Hirsi latest bookHeretic, you see that among canada goose outlet seattle the five solutions she requires for a of Islam is the abandonment of Qur literalism. Canada Goose sale

canada goose store The second brute fact about Islam emphasized by Hamid is its fusion of religious dictates with civil governance: canada goose store

canada goose clearance Differences between Christianity and Islam also are evident in each faith’s central figure. Unlike Jesus, who was a dissident, Muhammad was both prophet and politician. Andmore than just any politician, he was a state builder as well as a head of state. Not only canada goose factory outlet were the religious and political functions intertwined in the person of Muhammad,they were meant to be intertwined. To argue for canada goose outlet near me the separation of religion from politics, then, is to argue against the model of the very man Muslims most admire and seek to emulate. Some women, of course, are pressured or even legally mandated to wear the hijab (as in Saudi Arabia and Iran), but most choose to do so; it’s about their personal relationship with God. Again, this is often a conscious choice: Many Muslims take their religion so seriously that they want to observe seemingly restrictive and pre modern dress codes. This is the case even in Turkey, where millions of women cover their hairdespite decades of secular government and forced unveiling in state institutions. canada goose clearance

I canada goose outlet factory think Hamid needs to take a more expansive view of here, especially given the pressure that Muslim women are under, even in places like Turkey, to conform to the standards of their peers and family canada goose outlet hong kong by covering their hair. The question of choice boils down to this: if wearing the hijab is a choice, not compelled by social pressure, then no canada goose outlet new york opprobrium will fall canada goose outlet price upon those who choose not to wear it. Take a look via Google Image of Cairo, 1970 and then again using 2015 as the date. You will be enlightened.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale To his great credit, though, Hamid doesn soft canada goose outlet uk pedal these results as most American journalists would. His interpretations don bode well canada goose outlet for the full assimilation of Muslims into Westerndemocratic states: Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose Jackets I realize that some of my fellow canada goose outlet in chicago American Muslims will view such arguments as inconvenient, portraying Islam in a not so positive light. But it is not my job to make Islam look good, and it helps no one to maintain fictions that make us feel better but don’t truly reflect the power and relevance of religion. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose In the West, the common response to the challenge of theological diversity has been banal statements of religious “universality.” All too often, interfaith dialogue, however well intentioned, is about papering over what makes us or at least our beliefs different. It is a tenet of our American faith that we’re all basically the same and ultimately want the same things. This is true in some ways, but not in every way. canada goose

canada goose black friday sale The crisis of culture and identity one that sees the rise of the far right and white nativism in our own country makes it clear that our differences and divides are real. We would all be better off acknowledging and addressing those differences rather than pretending they don’t exist. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose factory sale I think that some of our politicians, especially Democrats, need to recognize this. The Republicans already do, but unfortunately combine it canada goose outlet online store review with calls for banning immigration and for the demonization of Muslims as a whole. But it won help matters by hiding our heads in the sand. canada goose factory sale

Here a 70 minute dialogue between Hamid and Leon Wieseltier. I haven listened to all of it yet, but it seems to be an explication of his book thesis, and that book sounds well worth reading, and not at all to the liking of people like Reza Aslan and Glenn canada goose outlet london Greenwald. (Note that Wieseltier is wearing his signature cowboy boots, made by Pablo Jass of Lampasas, Texas.)

canada goose coats on sale A couple of unrelated thoughts I thought the Koran states it was dictated to Mohammed by Gabriel, not directly by God??? So its at best a tertiary source of God words, relayed to humans by an angel. And we all know that according to both Islamic and Christian theology, angels can make mistakes Call me an optimist, but your second chart looks pretty good to me. Much like political maps of the US showing red and blue states hide just how the population is at a fine scale, it seems to me that the numbers on the right hand side of the second chart show that just blocking off countries as when the majority thinks that ways obfuscates the real and significant numbers of Muslims who don take it literally. Egypt 21% is still a sizeable minority, and the other numbers are bigger. canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket The question of choice boils down to this: if wearing the hijab is a “conscious choice,” not compelled by social pressure, then no opprobrium will fall upon those who choose not to wear it.” canadian goose jacket

canada goose uk outlet I don know many that don have some amount of social compulsion to them. canada goose jacket outlet store What I wear has an aspect of social compulsion. What I eat does too (and its much, much worse for women). When I go to bed, what I watch on TV, my choice of hobbies judges all of them, and that judgment colors my decisions, even if only a little bit. canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose Online So I think its wrong to imply that Muslim women only have a choice if no opprobrium would fall on them regardless of what they picked. Not even a decision as trivial as choosing a sports team to support would count as a choice under that definition. I think we have to say that decisions are still free even when there is some level of social influence involved in making them, some social opprobrium risked. The canada goose outlet ottawa question is not yes or no but free, on a sliding scale. Will the consequence be one friend angrily berating you? Well, I say that still counts as a very free choice. One friend canada goose outlet us berating you is not enough of an excuse to claim you free to choose otherwise. OTOH, will the consequence be exile from the community and never getting canada goose outlet in toronto to see your kids again, or caning, or prison? That not a very free choice. You are socially canada goose outlet authentic compelled. Will the consequence be most of your friends not talking to you any more? Oooh, that a toughie. Its somewhere in the middle. Are such people to choose? Well, I say yes, but also that we admire people who give up their friends in that case and we don judge people canada goose uk harshly if they don We accept that that is a tough choice, even if its a free one. Sadly for Muslim women in the mideast, I think their choice usually falls closer to the end than the angry friend end. They are canada goose outlet 2015 not very free to choose. Canada Goose Online

cheap Canada Goose I agree its weird and I suppose the difference from Judaic/Xtian scriptures is the whole lot is supposed to be related via Gabriel from Allah not just the occasion chat to God by Moses or Jesus or Abraham relaying verbatim some small bits of the scriptures cheap Canada Goose.