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We are expecting a baby in May

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Admittedly, the attendance thing is a concern. I working on it. Probably the solution is to use regular Pandemic instead and introduce “legacy” elements myself. The angle of the wings has to do with the stability of the aircraft. As you mentioned the dihedral affect which is just a natural tendency of the aircraft to return to level flight. High mounted wings naturally have this dihedral affect making them more stable. As for skis, I would recommend used demo skis if you trying to save money over renting every time. You can get them on ebay and they work fine and are relatively cheap so you won feel bad if you want to ditch them in a season or two. In the meantime you can get better at skiing and also figure out what kind of ski you want exactly.

So I am a currently a business major (not enough of us huh?) and I am wondering how you would rationalize how anything besides STEM or law majors aren’t worth the time/money. I can agree that you could build a successful business without having a degree, but as an employer, would you rather hire someone (for a job that requires having people under you) who has 10 years experience or someone who has, say, 6 years experience with a degree in business management? While the first person has more years experience, the second person also has a good deal of experience, but went to school to study subjects that correlate to the position they’re being hired for. While the first person may very well be better at the job, the second person also has a good deal of experience and a degree to say they know what they’re doing.