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We owe a lot to Gus, and Rog and Ed

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Hermes Replica Our father was killed

Omar bin al-Khattab: Why did you kill him? The man said: I care for Abel…
Omar ibn al-Khattab said: If I will judge you on the border

The man said: Give me three days My father died and left me treasure I and my little brother If you killed me lost treasure and lost my brother After me

Omar ibn al-Khattab said: And who is harmful Nick

The man looked at the faces of people and said this man

Omar bin Al Khattab said: Abu Dhar Do you guarantee this man
Abu Dhar said: Yes, the Commander of the Faithful

Omar ibn al-Khattab said: You do not know him and that he escaped, I made you the limit

Abu Dhar said I guarantee him, O Commander of the Believers

And the man went and passed the first day and the second and third and all the people were his concern on Abu Dhar “The man said: I have handed over the treasure and my brother to his brothers and I am under your hand to assess Ali al-Hadd. Omar ibn al-Khattab said: What Who returned you was possible to escape??

The man said: I was afraid to say it has gone to fulfill the covenant of people

Omar bin Al Khattab asked Abu Dhar Why guaranteed?

He said Abu Dhar: I was afraid to say that the good went from the people

The children of the dead were affected

And they said, We have spared him

Omar bin al-Khattab: Why? We are afraid to say that amnesty has gone from the people

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س Netar El Magd Trading – Behind Aly El Din Complex – Lailat El Qadr Sq Hermes Bags Replica.