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Building Websites that Delight

lots-of-people-3Virtually every business needs a website – from scaffolders to florists, from LED lighting retailers to marketing agencies. But with so many website design & development agencies in the market, how do you choose the right agency?
Looking at examples of work, reading testimonials and word of mouth recommendations are all an important part but until you talk to the designers & coders at an agency, it is difficult to know what is sales speak and what is reality.


The facts, pure and simple

Our technical skills are second to none … so we can build whatever is required.
The designs we create look amazing … so visitors get the right impression.
Our websites are responsive … so they work on computers, tablets & mobile phones.
We understand online marketing … so your website ranks highly in Google.

But the real reason businesses use E-creation to design & develop their websites? Because we build ‘cool’ websites. It is an unspoken thing but when visit and interact with a website, you will know within seconds whether you like that company or not. So, whether using open source website software like Magento & WordPress or building bespoke websites, E-creation creates design & functionality that makes people like your business.

orange-tickThe design of company’s website is a core part of its relationship with it’s customer. E-creation helps businesses at the fundamental level of engagement & satisfaction, combining creative thinking with business fundamentals to deliver excellent ROI.

Custom Website Design ImageCustom website design

Where very specific functionality is required, custom website design is often the most cost effective option. E-creation can deliver complex, bespoke website functionality like:

  • Website functionality of Facebook & Myspace
  • Interactive calendars & booking engines for appointments

Magento Website Design ImageMagento website design

Open-source e-commerce website design doesn’t come any better than Magento. Magento is a flexible, constantly evolving tool for professional e-commerce websites delivering huge functionality at a low cost. Magento website consultancy, design & development ranges between ┬ú6,000 and ┬ú15,000 for a fully functional e-commerce website.

WordPress Website Design ImageWordPress website design

When building a website on a budget, WordPress is the ideal solution. Using an appropriate design template enable rapid delivery of a complex CMS with reactive / adaptive technology that runs websites on desktop, tablet & mobile technology effectively. WordPress websites can be delivered for as little as £900 using a template based approach.