Wednesday’s report doesn’t include spending on

Housing is a contentious issue that entwines the city and campus. The city is currently suing the campus over an alleged inadequate analysis of the impacts of increased student enrollment on city services. UC Berkeley currently pays about $2 million annually to the city of Berkeley for theimpact that students have on the city, according to Sarveshwar..

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“My goal is to bring calm and appreciation of the beauty of the ordinary during these uncomfortable times. Since the quarantine has begun, I have been posting photos I have taken each day on Facebook, mostly up close ‘macro’ photos,” Dr. Moquin wrote.

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Spending may be falling at an even faster pace than the retail sales figures suggest. Wednesday’s report doesn’t include spending on services such as hotel stays, airline tickets, or movie theaters, all of them suffering some of the most severe financial duress during the outbreak. Releases more data from different sectors of the economy.

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