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Replica Hermes Bags Deputy chief fire officer with Forest Fire Management (FFA) Victoria, Darrin McKenzie, said autumn burning this year was particularly challenging and the state only managed to achieve about 30 per cent of prescribed burning programs.The bushfire season ran into early April and most of the 66,000 hectares of hermes sandals replica prescribed burning the state managed to achieve was condensed into a two and a half week window.”But we were quite strategic in what burning we were able to do. We’re always looking to maximise the risk reduction best hermes replica outcomes,” Mr McKenzie said.Despite getting in a few burns in the last couple of days , he said the dry winter for parts best hermes replica handbags of the state, particularly in East Gippsland and parts of the north of Victoria, could also limit the amount of prescribed hermes kelly bag replica burning in spring.”We’re still looking for opportunities where we can safely do the burns, but just due to that underlying dryness in parts of Victoria we are probably going to see fairly limited opportunities through hermes replica bracelet the spring,” he said.Fires have already been active in Victoria this year and it is looking like an early start to the bushfire season.Mr McKenzie said it looked like New South Wales and southern Queensland were in a similar position.What is prescribed burning?Prescribed burning is when fires are deliberately lit to manage the land.With contemporary prescribed burning, the goal is usually to reduce the amount of vegetation avaliable so summer bushfires are less dangerous.Historically, in the south of Australia, contemporary prescribed burning was usually carried out in spring and autumn when it is hot and dry hermes belt replica uk enough for fires to start and spread but not so bad that the fires whip up out of control.Why is prescribed burning controversial? Contemporary prescribed burning has been controversial going all the way back to the first foresters.Today the main arguments against prescribed burning are that it does not help reduce the damaging impacts of bushfires, and/or that it causes problems for biodiversity.Bushfire research scientist Neil hermes replica Burrows, who has been working in the WA bushfire scene since the 1970s, hermes birkin bag replica disagrees with those arguments on a number of grounds.”Bushfires get their severity, or their intensity, or their killing power from how much fuel they burn. Prescribed burning removes some of that [fuel],” Dr Burrows said.”We’ve been prescribed burning for 60 years and on analysing the data we can see a very strong trend between how much prescribed burning we do and how hermes replica blanket much bushfire there is.”The more prescribed burning we do, the less bushfires we have.”Dr Burrows said in south west WA they needed to burn around 8 per cent of the total forest region each year to have a mitigating effect on bushfires.”If we burn less than that, we find the area burned by bushfire goes up,” he said.When it comes to biodiversity, he argued that low intensity prescribed burns were less harmful luxury replica bags to biodiversity than the intense bushfires they prevented.Prescribed burning is not the only form of fuel reduction to take place on our great southern land.Oral McGuire, a Noongar man from the south west of Western Australia, said traditional burning practices were the very first form of prescribed burning.”In Noongar we call it karl ngara,” he said.He said, like contemporary prescribed burning practices, traditional burning was carried out based upon parameters and perimeters.But with traditional burning there was a different perspective and mindset around the way that it was practised and its purpose.”Traditional burning was really about maintaining balance in country,” he said.”The balance was about the biodiversity, the ecology, the environmental hermes replica belt make up of the systems and ecosystems that existed on country.”He said that initially, people used fire for hunting but eventually the process evolved into maintaining native grasslands Replica Hermes Bags.