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What is it that passes through the law of God to enter the

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((())). O Allah, bless our master Muhammad, the prophet of mercy and the key to every thing. The more remembrance and remembrance of the memory and the remembrance of the remembrance of the unknown and the unknown and the number of Makan and what is and will be O mercy of the Merciful O mercy of the Merciful O mercy of the merciful God, and yes the agent of them O God, we show them the wonders of your ability Yaaa Allah Yaaa Allah Yaaa Allah,.

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Replica Hermes What happened?

What is the question?

What is happening?

What happened?
This question Fire is consumed by wildfire

What happened?
This question Lightning did not feel the clouds bloom

This question Thunder has no defeat
< What happened?
The question is what is going on

Language is surrounded by regression and submissiveness The reverence

What is the story of the stubborn child? > A ceremony, a grand symposium and a conference surrounded by adults

Accompanied by dazzling

What’s New What’s New

The history of the city of Baghdad is ravaged by the wolves of human beings and the cloak of law, The earth is the heart of the violation of the laws

What happened? What is the matter of our beloved nation to lead and not lead? What is the taste of salt fills the gap And the lips are dried by the immobility. What is it that passes through the law of God to enter the borders? In Syria, the sparks of wars were shaken by the blood of the pathbr> The sun wrapped sweethearts sunset
in Syria become thousands of displaced persons and Taob
moaning heart of the people of Gore adversity
The tyrants in what they Chamna dear hearts
Where hearts..
tyrants and there are more than a massacre by cherub?

What happened?
Sham slaughtered from vein to vein Awardees
Sham in the cycle of intense speeches
complain about our world without consciousness nor rational mind
fire conspiracy in the Levant eat her face lunar her, saying:
Is it more?!
Western world and the Arab heart of ice

drink pus What happened?
j Ge question covered in the blood of silence and injustice destroys
and occupier houses consciences on their altars die arrogant
forget that God is capable
and planets Bewitchments Tlahj Qunoot

Abdulrahman Ashmawi
Riyadh 1434 / 6/28 e Replica Hermes.