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While most experts that have tested the player may debate this

Many of them fought me, and still try, and some of them succeeded in injuring me and the others failed, but they did not kill me, but every time I grew stronger, the blows that did not kill me inevitably strengthened me, and I do not know when they succeed in my hunt. But so far no one has said to me and did not say why he fought me? I was amazed at them all, but I was amazed at all of them, but I was amazed at all of them. The wonder that they all and so far have not been able to eliminate me, God has denied my blood and my appearance and Mali them a universal sanctity is not entered me They also were wondering and the tongue of their case, say, this man to dig holes for him do not close them prepare his plots and conspiracies and Nihikha Bahil Bahim, Vengoa them, Rajih is his mind and it makes us angry, he is great and disciplined We will try and try and the day may come when our attempts are successful, we will see him mad or staggering or wandering or dead body, our minds will calm and our eyes will be fixed, and then we will drink from his blood, so what? There is no answer to them and I have the answer, and then go to another victim looking for them very carefully, expose them are not them Wolves do not eat some, and then start their session and end only bansh flesh of the new victim and drink blood, and so do not rest until they end a victim to start in another, They are wolves hiding in the lambs’ wool, and monsters are trapped in the surveys of the monks, their prayers are a disgrace to them that they have done to them, and they have not established them, and their worshipings are all their acts, a disgrace to them that they have demonstrated, and have not mastered them.

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The seventh prayer
O God, High Quality Hermes Replica pray on the sea of ​​the universe Absolute absolute theological truths and the source of the soft, Except Friendly face of the throne of self-pros qualities of burka veil remover flush unjustlyThe confusion of the dawn of the sun Facts as the same selves on the face of the manifestations of perfection The Holy Father The Book of Mstvor all the right self in the parchment of the manifestations of the manifestations of divine affairs called the multitude of images by the creation of the side of the development of the right Rogge truths from him Moses self Oh God to God in the presence of Jerusalem, Oh beautiful qualities O ultimate ends O light of truth O Sarag realms O Muhammad O Ahmed O Abu Qasim Gel As a king to express the tongue and the pride of your beauty to be aware of the man and magnify Your majesty to think in Jinan God bless you and Yarsul God Almighty Magdalen Almighty. The Third Prayer منة
Oh God, pray to Maulana Mohammed Siraj horizon divinity and metal Treasures secret secrets of the Holy Spirit of the Rahmanic landscape and the faces of divine names and the appearance of seven names Psychological right and the right point of the circle to derive the existence of creation Source of the fun in the world from where it came from and the secrets of God to God Ahu heart of the Koran The facts of the Hawalli in the presence of God was nothing with him the book is clear, which is excessive God of the facts of the subjective words of the tongue of the words of God Altamat translated from the secrets of divine love from us and see the goal of the ends of the right prayer right to the right of prayer does not touch the statistics and surrounded by the science creature In the face of God Pray for the Holy Self and the meanings of the aesthetic and aesthetic camaraderie The reality of the soul and the difference between the manifestations of the attributes The eye of the eternal life The meaning of the eternal details The spirit of the divine meanings and the light of the moral buildings The ages of the ages and the book of truth The publication The meaning of the divine call in the presence of the Holy Valley of Moses The light of the face The truth and the meaning of the mystery of the letters of creation Bahor Complex facts Sansan Tarjuman minutes truth facts faculties and particles Throne (Ahmania self university prayer for all manifestations surrounding all meanings and the Syrian and the family and companions Hermes Replica Belts.