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At the University of Houston, we’re advancing creativity to explore the intersection of art and science. Engineering researchers at the Non Invasive Brain Machine Interface Systems Team are collaborating with the Blaffer Art Museum to discover what brain activity looks like during the creative process. This project pushes art to the forefront of research to examine how we understand the imagination..

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A portion of the proceeds from Harvey’s art goes to benefit the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, which educates youths about the oceans and funds scientific research to conserve marine wildlife. Harvey recently collaborated with SeaWorld to raise awareness about ocean health and the plight of sharks in the wild. On Friday at the Guy Harvey Retail Store located at 10408 W.

Stunned spectators and employees looked on as Binti Jua, who was 8 years old at the time, picked up the child’s lifeless body and cradled him for several minutes and then carried him to safety. Zoo workers who witnessed the rescue say it was an image they will never forget. Binti Jua carried her own baby, 17 month old Koola, on her back during the entire ordeal.

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