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You couldn’t just turn around because Fake Handbags a few gas

Thomas Hamill On His Iraq Escape

Thirty minutes high quality replica handbags into their trip, the convoy was attacked.

Five truck drivers and two soldiers were killed in the attack. Four more men were missing, including Replica Bags Wholesale Hamill. The next day, Hamill appeared in a video broadcast on the on Al Jazeera television network.

“I knew one thing that I’d learned since I’d been there that you can’t show Replica Bags fear in front of these people,” Hamill told Smith. “You have to show them purse replica handbags that you’ve got a backbone.”

That determination, and Hamill’s unwavering faith, helped him survive.

buy replica bags online “I said I want to go home Lord. I’ve got a wife and a family at home. They’re going to be devastated if I die here, but I’m ready for whatever decision is made. It’s your will.” buy replica bags online

cheap designer bags replica Nightly vigils by the people in his hometown in Mississippi helped Hamill’s wife and family stay strong. cheap designer bags replica

replica bags Though moved often, Hamill was treated fairly well by most of his captors. He was given food, taken to a doctor for a serious arm wound suffered in the attack when he was taken hostage, and given antibiotics. But when the world began to see the photos of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib prison, everything changed. replica bags

best replica bags “That night they came Handbags Replica in and shackled my hands,” says Hamill, “And they shackled my legs with a dog chain.” best replica bags

best replica bags online But after Replica Designer Handbags 24 days in captivity, Wholesale Replica Bags Hamill escaped, running to the safety of a New York National Guard unit on patrol KnockOff Handbags a half mile wholesale replica designer handbags away from where he was held. best replica bags online

replica bags online “And I’m hollering. ‘I I’m I’m an American. I’m an American.’ And then I replica Purse started hollering, ‘I’m an American POW.’ And at that point, they Fake Designer Bags were all just standing Replica Handbags and Designer Fake Bags stopped looking at me. Nobody had any guns pointed at me. And I knew that at that point, I knew Designer Replica Bags it was over. I knew I was free.” replica bags online

replica bags from china Hamill’s wife Kellie says the first thing she did when she got the call that her cheap replica handbags husband was safe was to thank the Lord. “I mean you couldn’t have made me replica bags any happier. Army Spc. Keith M. replica bags from china

Hamill’s been home in Macon, Miss., since May. His arm needs more surgery, but he’s confident it will heal completely. He enjoys replica handbags china time with his children, Tori and Thomas, his wife, and getting back to farming.

high replica bags While Iraq is thousands of miles away, it’s never far aaa replica designer handbags from his mind. Hostage taking is common now, often with heartbreaking results. high replica bags

“I’m angry at we’re over there to help those people. And there’s a group of people over there that don’t they’ll do anything. And terrorists, that’s what they’re called, terrorists, to terrorize people.”

high end replica bags Hamill says he would like to go back. “I enjoyed what I was doing, supporting my country, supporting my troops.” high end replica bags

His wife says, “I wouldn’t be happy you know, but I love him enough to let him go.

7a replica bags wholesale Does Hamill consider himself a hero? 7a replica bags wholesale

“I’m not a hero. These young boys that are over there that are sacrificing their lives and a lot of them aren’t going to be coming out of there (they’re heroes).”

Here is an excerpt from

Escape In Iraq: the Thomas Hamill Story:CHAPTER 2

Friday, April 9, 2004

The sight of abandoned gas cans sitting near the road wasn’t anything new, so we continued rolling, ironically enough, down IED Boulevard. I had seen replica handbags online empty cans along the highway the entire six months I’d been in Iraq. You couldn’t just turn around because Fake Handbags a few gas cans sat on the side of the road. Still concerned about their ominous presence, I became more alert. Traffic was sparse, much less than I had seen on that road on earlier trips.