You see those deals signed and you just wonder if

This is an important tactic to protect patients and health care workers from a surge that can overwhelm our hospitals, increase death rates and put health care workers’ lives at risk. But it is not a strategy. A month ago today, my organization, which focuses on preventing epidemics, published a concept of operations showing the shading of containment into mitigation, and the need to pause contact tracing when it became impractical and scale up social distancing interventions (see link for details.).

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I am trying to help my friend navigate her feelings about all this. She loves her husband or, at least, she loves the man she thought he was and wants to find a way to stay married and move on from this. But, naturally, she’s not sure she can ever trust him again or that he will ever change..

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Play a pretty important role with athletes and athletes have been reaching out to them. We want to support that, but we needed to create guidelines, too, said MPA Executive Director Mike Burnham. Making sure they follow all district policies regarding social media, as well as the directives from the state and the Maine CDC.

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