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I been a singing bass player for a few years now. It really is a struggle to get started, but filling out both canada goose outlet roles feels more natural after you been doing it for a canada goose jacket outlet while! Here some canada goose black friday sale things I learned that may help you:

Study other singing bass players. Sting is a great example. He typically plays cheap canada goose uk a simple but catchy bass line. A lot of the time, singing bass players play a simpler line that serves the song Canada Goose sale so they can focus more on their role canada goose outlet shop as a singer (exception: Geddy Lee and Esperanza Spalding. You should ignore them for a bit while you working up your chops.) I focused on guys like Sting, Jack Bruce, and Toby Leaman. Watch canada goose uk shop them performing live and pay attention to how their canada goose coats on sale playing styles interplay with their vocal. canada goose outlet reviews You’ll canada goose outlet canada find that a lot of singing canada goose store bass players use a pick. I was mainly a finger style player, but when I started fronting the band I began using a pick more. I find using up and downstrokes with a pick means makes it easier to pull off more rhythmic bass parts.

Start canada goose outlet uk simple: it the best way to gain confidence quickly. Remember, most of the time the singer and the bass player are two different people, so uk canada goose the performances of canada goose uk black friday each canada goose uk outlet musician were not necessarily written to be accomplished by a single musician. Take a canada goose clearance song like “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison. It not a difficult bass line, and it not difficult to sing, cheap Canada Goose but if Canada Goose Coats On Sale you are handling both roles, suddenly it becomes a hard song. When learning tunes to canada goose outlet sale play/sing I canada goose outlet store started out with songs canada goose outlet black friday canadian goose jacket where both roles were not too difficult and canada goose outlet new york city put both parts together slowly with a metronome, sometimes just one bar or line at a time. “One way uk canada goose outlet Out” by the Allman Brothers was canada goose outlet uk sale a good place to official canada goose outlet start for me. I am always in favor of learning the vocal part canada goose outlet online and the bass part slowly at the same time. That being said every canada goose outlet in usa song is case by case; sometimes you’ll find it’s better buy canada goose jacket to learn the bass/vocals separately depending on how involved each part is. A Canada Goose online song like “Why You Only Call Me When Your High?” by the Arctic Monkeys, which has a very rhythmic vocal and a repetitive but groovy bass line, is a good example of a song where you may have to learn each part separately.

Writing: I am frontman and a bassist. Filling out both of those roles affects the vocal parts and canada goose the bass parts that canada goose outlet parka I write. The truth is, if you want to front a group, being the vocalist comes before being the bassist. I always want to make sure that goose outlet canada my vocals are solid, and if that Canada Goose Parka means i need Canada Goose Outlet to write a simpler buy canada goose jacket cheap bass part to accomplish this, then so be it. When I bring a song to the band for the first time, I try to write my bass part as I singing it. For me, canada goose black friday sale this insures that I going to play a canada goose outlet store uk bass part that I can sing over. Often times, I hammer out a basic bass part and then work on embellishing it later when I practicing by myself. But canada goose factory outlet what about when a song needs a really groovin bass part, something that difficult to sing over? That where you Canada Goose Jackets consider what serves the song best, and react accordingly. If a song needs a groove or canada goose outlet toronto factory a riff canada goose outlet nyc instead of driving eighth notes, you just going to have to woodshed it until you nail it. At canada goose canada goose factory sale outlet online uk first it may feel restrictive to be a singing bassist, but I feel canada goose outlet jackets that I actually write more creative lines by limiting myself to what I can perform similtanuoesly.

Have Fun Canada Goose Online with it! It is music after all, it supposed to feel good. challenge yourself to be able to perform both of your roles to the best of canada goose coats your ability. Don be afraid to make mistakes at the start, you’re not going to burst into flames. Enjoy being in the front of the band, but DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR DRUMMER UP THERE. Always canada goose clearance sale remember your role on bass, being the bridge between the rhythmic canada goose outlet sale and harmonic content of the music. Ultimately, if you serve the music and not yourself, you’re going to be great.